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Who is making the game?

The sole developer is Ozzypig, but the main game map was built by TrustMeImRussian.

When will the game be finished/released?

The current estimation is by the end of Summer 2018.

Is it like League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients 2 or Heroes of the Storm?

It uses similar controls and combat mechanics, but Spell Slingers is not a direct clone of any of these. The game aims to be its own standalone interpretation on the genre.

I have an idea for a character/ability/etc...

Fantastic! Please send me your ideas on Twitter, via PM or in-game Feedback. Our Discord server has a wonderful community that is keen to talk about ideas, and we have a dedicated brainstorm channel!

What will be the objective?

In a nutshell, you will kill NPCs and players for Soul Essence. You must deliver the essence to the Pit of Souls. The team that deposits the winning number takes victory!

How many characters will there be?

I'm aiming for 10 on release. Realistically, it may probably be fewer due to bugs. I plan on continually adding new characters and content up until the game is considered "done".

Is the engine or source code available?

No, it's proprietary. Contact Ozzypig if you are interested in obtaining a license, or are just curious what the insides of the game look like.

Will there be character unlocks?

Yes. In addition, there will always be a free rotation of characters you can pick from. You'll be able to unlock characters permanently from items earned through playing matches, or using Robux.

Will there be skins/emotes?

Yes, there will be non-essential cosmetics and they will be obtainable using Robux.